Is there Such Thing as a Well-Intentioned Lawyer Who Made a Mistake?

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It is indeed interesting that lawyers sue accountants, doctors and other professionals for malpractice any time they make the mistake. What is interesting about this and perhaps even ironic is that those lawyers on the American Bar Association’s Internet Forums often consider themselves above such suspicion and state that a well-intentioned lawyer who made a mistake should not be punished, because essentially they had meant to do the right thing, but had made an innocent mistake.

Perhaps you have taken Hypocrisy 101 or Rhetoric 202 classes in college and I do not have to explain the absolute double standard that these gentlemen, attorneys attempt to slither under our feet with? So, is there such thing as a well-Intentioned Lawyer who Made a Mistake? Of course there is, just like a well-intentioned accountant or doctor who has made a mistake. Why should one be sued for mal-practice while the other walks away Scott-Free merely because he is a lawyer?

Until these double standards are looked at their can be no peace in any professional practice and there will continue to be abuses of laws by lawyers. Until we face reality and realize that our laws have been hijacked by these lawyers we cannot fix the problem. The first step in solving these mal-practice abusive lawsuits is for us to admit we have a huge problem.